Memory Foam Bed Wedges
Memory Foam Bed Wedges

Memory Foam Bed Wedges


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Sumptuous Memory Foam Bed Wedges from Blue Sky Mobility Ltd.

Handmade in the UK, we are very proud of the quality that goes into these products. We have had many extremely satisfied customers over the years who have had a huge improvement in their ability to sleep better as a result of one of our wedges.

Made from a premium PU foam base we incorporate a luxurious memory foam topper to cover the complete surface area and for even greater comfort we only use UK made 100% natural cotton covers for a much more healthy and natural finish thus ensuring a greater chance of a better nights sleep.

Our Memory Foam Bed Wedges comfortably position the whole of your upper torso into an elevation that stops the flow of acids and other respiratory symptoms up via the stomach and into your oesophagus thus ensuring that you get a much improved nights sleep.

For anyone who suffers from Acid Reflux, GERD, indigestion, heartburn, snoring, pregnancy or other respiratory symptoms, then the discomfort and broken nights sleep associated with these conditions is truly tiring.

Our research and feedback show us that either a 6″ (15cm) or 8″ (20cm) elevation is far more effective and comfortable. This is especially true once you add a pillow into the equation as well.

We have also given people a choice of extra long wedges 30″ (75cm) for those of your with a longer back or who also require more lumbar support as well. Or these is an extra wide version of 30″ (75cm) for those who want to move around from their back to their side without the fear of rolling off the wedge.


  • Sumptuous Memory Foam Topper
  • Premium PU Foam Base
  • 100% Natural Cotton Cover
  • Choice of Length, Width and Depth
  • Space Covers Available
  • 100% UK Made
  • Conforms to all UK & EU fire regs

Please note we also stock replacement covers for all of our products.

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