Sorbothane Single Strike Insoles


Insole Size

Sorbothane insoles are designed to protect the foot against intense impact shocks and associated problems such as pain in the knees, hips and back. Suitable for use in most sports shoes, they can be used over or in place of an existing insole and provide extra comfort and protection during active pursuits such as running, football or racquet sports. The flat footbed can be worn under an existing insole to help prevent overuse and impact injuries such as shin splints, bruised heels and stress fractures. They are also suitable for close fitting shoes where space is at a premium.



Sorbothane is a liquid pushed to the maximum of its viscosity that possesses all the dimensional properties of a solid.

SORBOTHANE has the following properties:

A Liquid – under the pressure of an impact, Sorbothane deforms to disperse the shock waves, then retakes its initial form immediately to be operational at 100% of its efficiency on the next impact. Example: When there is an impact in liquid – this moves and creates mini waves to disperse the shock then returns immediately to its initial form.

A Solid – Sorbothane deforms against the impact (proportional to the force) which reduces the speed of the impact and therefore reduces the weight/pressure.

Insole Size UK 10 (EUR 44-45), UK 11-12 (EUR 46-48), UK 3-4 (EUR 37), UK 5-6 (EUR 38-40), UK 7 (EUR 41), UK 8 (EUR 42), UK 9 (EUR 43)