Therapy Putty (113g Tub)


Putty Colour

This is a latex-free clean non-toxic, non-oily and bleed-proof putty that leaves no colour or residue on a patients hands. The putty will not fragment, separate or stick to the skin. With six distinct colours available to reflect established standards in resistive exercise and progress in resistance from Super Soft Tan, Soft Yellow, Medium Soft Red, Medium Green, Firm Blue and Extra Firm Grey, all priced at £11.50 each.

Designed to meet a wide range of strengthening needs, the putty can be squeezed, stretched, twisted or pinched. You can combine any of the colours and create custom resistance to meet any individual needs. All of our putty comes with a free hand exercise booklet.

Putty Colour Extra Firm Grey, Firm Blue, Medium Green, Medium Soft Red, Soft Yellow, Super Soft Tan