Caretex Reusable Bedpad With Tuck Ins

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The Caretex® Bed Pad with tuck-ins (by Aleva) is a highly absorbent (5.6L capacity) waterproof pad with tuck-in wings and is designed to sleep on directly. It can be quickly removed and replaced if wet without disrupting the rest of the bedding. The moisture is drawn into the lower layers quickly, leaving a dry feeling surface to sleep on. It is suitable for use on a double or queen mattress.Note: This product covers part of the bed surface only. For added protection, the mattress should also have a waterproof mattress protector that fits over the whole mattress.Product Features:

  • Cost effective and eco-friendly alternative to disposable bed pads.
  • Recommended for heavy incontinence requirements as it has a superior absorption capacity of 4.0 L/m².
  • Consists of 5 different laminated layers: a soft moisture wicking layer at the top, followed by quilted polyester absorbent layers, then a breathable waterproof polyurethane membrane, and finally a polyester lining at the bottom to protect the mattress.
  • The upper layer quickly transfer liquids to the absorbent layer below it, so the surface becomes dry within a few minutes.
  • The bed pad allows air flow to help prevent bed sores.
  • The tuck-in wings help to keep the bed pad in place.
  • Highly durable and does not shrink.
  • Machine or hand washable (up to 90°C) without fabric softeners or bleach.
  • Tumble dry on low heat (up to 60°C) or line dryable.
  • The absorption capacity of the bed pad increases with use.
  • This size is ideal for use on a double bed (137cm wide) or a queen bed (153cm wide) mattress.
  • Certified under the global Oeko-Tex ® 100 Standard. PVC and Phthalate-free.

Product Specifications:

  • Size: 100cm x 140cm pad, plus 45cm tuck-in wings on both sides
  • Absorption Capacity: 4.0L/m² (a total of 5.6L for this size pad)

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