Homecraft Bottom Wipers


The Bottom Wiper is designed to be used from the front, and is ideal for anybody who may have difficulty wiping without the help of a carer. By using the bottom wiper, it will restore some of the individual’s independence. The wiper features recessed serrations to grip onto the loo paper. This allows for effective use without worrying that the paper will slip away. The handle is also long and curved for hard-to-reach areas, helping to ensure that assistance can be at hand whenever it is needed.

The Homecraft Bottom Wiper is made from plastic or metal, with a molded plastic head. This lightweight device is therefore easy to clean in between use, ensuring that those essential good levels of hygiene can be maintained. This is important to reduce the risk of the spread of germs, while also providing a more cleanly approach to wiping.

VAT Relief is available if you make a declaration at check out.


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