Sterling Medical Little Gem 4 mph Boot Scooter

Product Description

Independence is your new travelling companion with the Little Gem.

Great manoeuvrability, good looks and super easy to use, what more do you want from a boot scooter ?littlegem

Designed with portability in mind, the Little Gem  lightweight mobility scooter can quickly and effortlessly be disassembled with the ‘Sterling lock’ release mechanism. Just a click of a button separates the front and rear drive of the scooter. With no cables or wiring to worry about, the Little Gem  can be re-assembled as quickly as it was taken apart.

Also, conveniently located handles on the drive unit and batteries makes lifting and handling the parts in and out of the car much more manageable. The Little Gem  also offers an equally convenient driving experience. The infinitely adjustable tiller can be adjusted to suit your driving position at the push of a lever. The comfortable, swivel seat and flip-up armrests helps ease of access whilst the larger foot base gives additional legroom without compromising size.